Who we are

Glove & Goggle Labs is a small group of devoted gamers who have thousands of game hours under our belts. We love games. Many of us come from advanced science and technology backgrounds. By integrating science driven analytics with our gaming passion, we strive to make the most of every moment at the game table. 

What we do

At Glove & Goggle Labs, we believe that you want to play games. You don't ask your friends to setup a game. Or if they want to clean one up. You ask your friends toplaya game.

So why do so many games have exhaustive setup, tear-down, and mid-game slow downs? Can these processes be minimized or removed?

How can play time be maximized? Optimized? These are the questions that G&G asks every day, and you might be surprised at our answers.

Using powerful analytics provided by our friends at Mad Science Games, we dissected hundreds of hours of play-testing.

We have reduced setup and tear-down times by more than 50% and made mid-game slow downs almost nonexistent.

With our integrated web and mobile apps, you can shorten prep time, eliminate shuffling and token maintenance, have ready access to rules, improve round tracking, and reduce clean up .

If you prefer physical cards, counters, and tokens, you get those too. Play your game your way. Use as much, or as little of our apps as you wish.

Our mission is to provide quality gaming products that work well, look beautiful, and get out of the way so the game can be played.  Games are for playing.


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